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Reno Sparks Table Tennis Club

Rules and Etiquette of Play

  1. After a match, the players generally shake hands. Then the winner of the match has the right to stay at the table. Losers sit down until another table opens up. If there are only a few players (e.g. 3) and one remains undefeated, the undefeated player should take a break and let others who have not played each other play.
  2. When the ball dribbles over the net or hits the edge of the table and you get the point, it is considered good etiquette to say "I'm sorry". (You can however say this with a very big smile on your face.)
  3. Putting Equipment Away:

    When you are leaving, please look to see if there is something you can put away (empty tables, loose balls, barriers, et. al.) Please do not leave everything for the last remaining players to put away.

    Arrange the blue half tables so that the playing sides face each other. In order to minimize storage space, arrange tables unevenly so that the wheels “overlap”. Do not push the sides of the tables against the back wall as this breaks the small hooks that we use to hang the ball containers onto the tables.

  4. If many people are waiting to play, consider playing doubles. Or at least do not practice very long before starting your match.
  5. Matches consist of the best 3 of 5 games to 11 points.
  6. When you walk into the gym, please sign the waiver form that is on the small table. This is different and in addition to the form you sign at the front desk.
  7. If all tables are full and you and at least one other person are waiting to play, you may set up another table and barriers. This assumes we have additional tables, nets, etc.
  8. Club members have priority. If all tables are set up and there are non-members playing on one of our tables (sometimes kids come in and play), any club member can tell them to surrender the table to them.
  9. The club president maintains an e-mail list and occasionally sends e-mails to club members and infrequent players regarding changes in play dates/times, tournaments, et. al. If you would like to be on this list, send an e-mail to requesting to be added to the list.
  10. Play schedule and other info is maintained on our website

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